Sunday, December 13, 2009

Our first snow of the season! Dec 7, 2009

On Monday we woke up to snow and it snowed ALL day. I was lucky enough to get to stay home from work and spend the day with the boys. Doug is off on Mondays so we enjoyed a family snow day complete with snow ball fights and hot chocolate!!

Oakhurst Christmas Tree lighting

Last Saturday night we got all bundled up and headed in to Oakhurst to watch the town Christmas tree lighting. The boys played a little hide and seek while we were waiting for the big count down. After the tree was lit santa rode in on a big red fire truck!!! I tried to get pics of the tree and santa but my camera became uncooperative. It was probably to cold! The temp was in the 20's. Brrrrrr

Breakfast with Santa

Since having our two boys and moving up to Oakhurst we have begun some family traditions that we all look forward to during the holiday season. One of them being Breakfast with Santa at the community center. We enjoy a full pancake breakfast, the kids get books and stuffed animals and they get to sit on Santa's lap. The other really great thing about it is that all the proceeds of the breakfast get donated to The Children's Museum, one of our favorite places to go on the mountain.

Jake told Santa that he wants a skateboard and a remote control car for Christmas

New Christmas tree!

The Boys love their tree!

Knotts Berry Farm Nov. 2009

Grandma D and the Boys

Am I tall enough??

Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy 10 Year Anniversary!

On 11-27-1999 Doug and I married our best friends. We knew on that date that we loved each other but we were taking a chance on love not truely knowing what a life together would mean. Ten years and two beautiful boys later we truely know what it means to love one another. It has not always been easy. We have had our share of challenges. We have definately needed to rely on eachother through many transitions. As we look back today on the last ten years we now know that no matter what life puts before us we are in this one together and we love eachother more today than ever.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year for Halloween Jake wanted to be Super Why and Luke wanted to be a Lion.

Jake turns 5 lets PARTY!!!!

I can not believe that my Jake is 5. Doug and I could not be more proud or love anything more. He is such a blessing to our family.

A New Leapster!

Birthday dinner at Castillos

We threw Jake a carnival party complete with bounce house, cotton candy machine, snow cones, face painting, and a clown!!!

Jake picked a rainbow for his face painting. He loved all the colors.

Hokey Pokey

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Our Boys

Jake 5 Years

Luke 2 Years

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Brian and Jenny's Wedding

We were so blessed to be part of our great friends Brian and Jenny's wedding this weekend. Brian and Jenny are our neighbors and over the last two years have become like family to us. We were thrilled when they wanted to have Jake in the wedding as their ring bearer. He was pretty apprehensive at the rehersal but once we got to "go time" he did a great job walking down the isle holding my hand. We were so proud of him!!!

My handsome boys!!

Jenny and Jake, she looked like Cinderella Jake said

Jake and I walking down the isle, He was soooo good!

The Couple!!!

Brian, Doug, and I during cocktail hour